Blue eyed CockatooJoe
The true-life adventures of a Blue-eyed Cockatoo

Cockatoo Book A rare bird’s story that touches the heart

Joe, a cheeky Blue-eyed Cockatoo, lived a carefree life as a young girl’s pet on a remote Pacific island plantation. Then his world changed dramatically— to faraway Europe where he went to help save his rare family from extinction.

Cockatoo Childrens Book

Written by David Webb, who followed Joe’s adventures across the world. Illustrated by Ian Coate.
What the World Parrot Trust has to say about Joe

Book review, by Desi Milpacher, Editor of Flock Talk

“The first thing I liked about Joe was the fact that it’s a true story – a tale of a pet cockatoo with an excess of personality who has many adventures, some serious, some comedic….Adults and children alike will enjoy the story.  Torianna, aged 10, liked the story and the fact that it wasn’t your average volume for kids. She enjoyed the fact 
that Joe learned from his experiences, and that the book was descriptive and had different points of view. There were also some new facts to learn about this cockatoo and the unique part of the world he came from – in my opinion, one of the more important reasons for reading any book. The reader can enjoy it both for the truth and the tale.”

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