Australian Animal Cartoons

I created this series of Aussie cartoon characters to be used for a range of merchandise for the Australian tourist market.  This range called, Aussie Attitudes, was picked up and distributed by True Blue Gallery, a company that specializes in postcards and souvenirs for the tourism market.
To date, this has been a very successful range, with over 16 000 postcards produced and a large variety of fridge magnets, key rings, mouse pads, can coolers and posters.
These products have been a real hit with kids and adults alike and further production could be in the wind for the future.

Meet the Aussie Attitude Mob
Koala Cartoon
Kool Koala | Marta Koala | Cackles Kookaburra
Kangaroos, emu and crocodile by Ian Coate
Punchy Kangaroo | Roomantic Roo | Unco Emu | Crybaby Crocodile
Tasmanian Devil, Platypus, Echidna and wombat by Ian Coate
Cheeky Devil | Sourpuss Platypus | Prickly Echidna | Rockin Wombat
Numbat, Cain Toad, Bandicoot and Possum by Ian Coate
Nervous Numbat | Caning Toad | Barmy Bandicoot | Prudy Possum
Thorny Devil, Frilled neck lizard, snake and Bob tail by Ian Coate
Charming Devil | Thrilled Lizard | Cut Snake | Bratty Blue-tongue
Gecko, Red back spider, fly and tick by Ian coate
Arty Gecko | Miss Understood Spider | Icky Fly | Ticked-off Tick
Wallaby and Quokka by Ian Coate
Wannabe Wallaby | Crotchety Quokka
Australain Merchandise

Aussie Attitude Merchandise
This series is done in collaboration with True Blue Gallery.
For further product information please visit the True Blue website at:

Kangaroo cartoonDrawing Cute Animals
Learn to draw and colour your own cute animal.

Click here for a step by step visual lessons on how to create, draw and paint your own original animals, plus a free ‘Drawing Lesson’ PDF to use as a teacher’s resource. PRESS HERE

Acknowledgements Thank you Brian & Annette Kent. ( are the movers behind the scenes. Moreover, their valuable time tutoring me in the ways of computer graphics has opened up a whole new world.Thank you Mark Winstanely. Mark is a one-man-band - the writer, composer, producer, instrumentalist and vocalist behind all the music for Aussie Attitudes.Thanks to Kevin Coate (my dad) & Annette Kent for the use of their excellent photo library. Thanks again Sue for the sound-effects. And a special thanks to my girls, Rachael and Elishah, who have given up their valuable relax-time to help write the mob's 'My Pages'.
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