Army MagazineThe Fine Art of War
By Jason Logue: an Army Magazine article about Australian Military Artists.
An interesting read that gives an introduction to many Australian artist that have visually recorded military life in both war and peace.
Military Artists
Military Artist
Military Art
Australian Military Artists
Australian Military Artist
Australian Military Art

Links to other Military Artists

Since Australia's military history is so short in comparison to other countries, sadly we don't have the mass interest to encourage many artists to paint military themes - those that do get very little support.

I have no hesitation recommending these contemporary artists - they are filling a very important historical gap. If not for them, many great Australian military moments and heroes would go unsung to future generations.

On another note, some have commented that I'm crazy to have links to other military artists websites.  Frankly, I don’t mind if you choose to go with one of these talented Australian artists.  My hope is you find the military artist whose style best fits your needs. Furthermore, when you commission an Australian military artist it’s a win for our under-recognised, under-funded and under-championed industry.

Please take the time to visit their websites and leave behind a few encouraging words.

Noel Barnes (Specialises in Aviation artworks):

Conway Bown (Specialises in Army and Aviation):

Don Braben (Specialises in Maritime Art):

Paul R. Farley (Specialises in Various Military)

Drew Harrison (Specialises in Varioys Military)

David Manning (Specialises in Military Vehicle Sketches):

David Marshall (Specialises in Aviation):

Ron & Jennifer Marshall (Specialises in Light Horse Artworks):

Amber Martin (Specialises in contemporary Army):

Robert Milton (Specialises in Army Artworks):

Neil Sheppard (Specialises in Various Military):

Barry Spicer (Specialises in Various Military):

Stan / 353 Art (Military Art by a Serving Soldier):

Brian Wood (Specialises in Various Military):



Painting in Progress Painting a Military Artwork
Behind the scenes look at the process.

This page takes a look behind the curtain in the process of producing a military artwork from conception to the finished artwork. PRESS HERE

Australian Military Art