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Superhero Foods is an initiative developed by Foodbank WA and myself as a nutrition education resource.

superhero foods

I was very proud to be asked by Foodbank WA to help come up with a campaign that would engage primary school kids on the message of healthy eating.  Collaborating with Jenny Tartaglia, Rex Milligan and the Foodbank team we came up with Superhero Foods.  It has been a great success, starting with breakfast placemats, then trading cards, eventuating in a book, ‘Joe’s Epic Breakfast Adventure’.  The Superhero Foods initiative continues to grow.

Ian Coate superhero foods at  Foodbank

This initiative was developed by Foodbank WA as a nutrition education resource for primary school aged children, the Superhero Food's characters aim to empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices. Superhero Foods provide a fresh approach to teaching students about nutrition and cooking using key messages and themes linked to the current guidelines promoted in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Healthy Superhero Foods
In Healthy Town everyday foods go about their normal lives.
Superhero Foods
Unknown to many, these everyday foods are actually SUPERHERO FOODS.
Unhealthy Zombie Foods
They battle Healthy Town’s arch villains: DECAY, ILLNESS and OBESITY plus an army of ZOMBIE FOODS who are set on destroying our healthy way of life.

The Superhero Foods now have their very own website!
Please visit to access everything Superhero Foods related!
Superhero Foods is an online resource available for teachers and health educators; this fun and fresh approach to nutrition education and cooking aims to empower children to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Superhero foods
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