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The Colours of Duntroon

Title:The Colours of Duntroon
Media: Oil on Canvas
Location of Original: RMC Duntroon
Prints: Limited Edition of 1000  Original Cost of Print: $165
Signatory on Print:Artist
Highest ‘Known’ Resale of Print: $670, Charity auction.
Description: The Royal Military College Duntroon was founded in 1911. This painting celebrates Duntroon’s 90th birthday. The image depicts the founding Commandant, Brigadier General Sir William Bridges, and his horse Sandy (reputedly the only horse to return to Australia in WWI) overlooking the main parade ground in Duntroon. The sky is lit by fireworks from Duntroon’s annual ‘Beating the Retreat’ ceremony. A Colour Party in winter uniform is flanked by cadets in summer uniform which reflects the two graduation ceremonies held each year.

The Colours of Duntroon
By Ian Coate

To take the path of leadership is not an easy thing.
It takes more than academics and skills of managing.
You need a greater character that shines both clear and bright.
A beacon for men to follow, through times of fear and plight.

When you can show great self control with what you say and do.
You never malign and gossip or say a word untrue.
When you can face and overcome the failures of your past.
In times of great adversity, be strong, stand tall, hold fast.

When you know the stirrings of fear, but not give into fear.
Never thinking with emotion, through pressures staying clear.
When your wisdom is advancing from gathering all the facts.
When you're prompt to hear, slow to speak and mentally relaxed.

When you can firmly stand your ground by a right decision.
And not bow down to politics or uncontrolled ambition.
When you have got authority, still knowing you should learn.
That one must keep humility to be able to discern.

When you can admire people, but never imitate.
When you're comfortable with self and not give into hate.
When you're content and stabilised, wherever you may be.
When you're sensitive to others, though you may disagree.

When you can lead without bias and never out of spite.
Neither favouring or thwarting, but dealing fair and right.
Then you've learnt the officer's code and respect will follow soon.
For soldiers will see your honour and the Colours of Duntroon.


Details from, The Colours of Duntroon

William Bridges
Royal Military College Duntroon
RMC Cadet
Duntroon Art by Ian Coate

I would like to recognize the people who have contributed to the creation of this artwork. The production of which is a collaboration of many minds and various talents - I am simply the monkey at the end of the brush.

Thanks to Brett Williams of the Military Workshop for his backing and support, 6RAR and all the soldiers that modeled for the Various Series.

Your support helps me stay employed painting artworks - thank you.
Australian Military art by Ian Coate
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