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Timor - Build Up to Peace

Title: Timor - Build Up to Peace
Location of Original: Private Collection
Prints:General’s Edition, 200 SOLD OUT/ Artist Edition 2000  Original Cost of Print:General’s Edition $200 / Artist Edition $100
Signatory on General's Edition:MAJGEN Peter Cosgrove, AM, CSC. & Artist
Highest ‘Known’ Resale of Print: General’s edition - $1300, Charity auction.
Description: The artwork is a collage of images representing the peacekeeping mission to Timor. The main players in this historic drama are represented: Timorese militant civilians surrounded by Australian and New Zealand soldiers, Filipino Rangers and Gurkhas. HMAS Adelaide, ANZAC, Success, Tobruck, Jervis Bay, plus ASLAVS, APCs, Blackhawk and Hercules are all being overseen by the INTERFET Commander MAJGEN Cosgrove. Point of interest - Ian completed this image (between the duties of caring for his three children) while his wife was deployed in Timor for seven months.

Details from Timor artwork.

Australian Soldiers in Timor
Timor Peacekeeping
Australian Military in Timor
Military Drawing

Photo of Ian Coate in 1999 working on the Timor artwork.

Ian Coate


I would like to recognize the people who have contributed to the creation of this artwork. The production of which is a collaboration of many minds and various talents - I am simply the monkey at the end of the brush.

Thanks to Brett Williams of the Military Workshop for his backing and support, General Cosgrove and all the soldiers used in the Timor artwork.

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