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Commercial Art

Ian Coate LogoI have designed various commercial ranges for the Australian tourism market.  The artworks I created were used to produce merchandise like: postcards, bookmarks, can coolers, fridge magnets, keyrings and mousepads (as seen right).
I learnt a lot about the difference in designing artworks I personally wanted to do and those that would actually sell.  This is where commercial art differs from fine art. Successful commercial art is judged on how well it sells.  So if you are thinking of creating artworks for the commercial market, seriously consider realistic consumer demand.

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Aussie AttitudesAussie Attitudes
This range of tourism products was primarily aimed at the children's market but proved to be just as successful with the adults.
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Australian Sunsets Australian Sunsets
This commercial range captures iconic Australian silhouettes against beautiful panoramic sunsets.
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Australian FootstepsAustralian Footsteps
This range features Australian indigenous wildlife and people with the footsteps they leave behind.
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Aussie Moments Aussie Moments
This small commercial range focuses on the funny moments that can only happen in Australial.
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